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今朝メールを貰って、昼に覗いてみると、Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir以外は既に売り切れになっています。


2009 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast $25 [4]
279 cases, 13.9% alc., 33% new oak

This 12 barrel blend is comprised of roughly 50% Summa, 25% Willow Creek and 25% Lancel Creek, a new site for us leased by Ulises Valdez and planted to 777 and Pommard clones. The reason for the high percentage of Summa is for the first time there will be no regular Summa bottling. The quality just wasn’t there. Still not sure why, but the wine lacked punch in the mid-palate so it was an easy decision to declassify it into our Sonoma Coast blend. That naturally has lead to this bottling leaning more toward the Summa red/orange fruit spectrum than any previous SC offering. The nose draws you in with notes of high toned pomegranate, cranberry, orange peel and coriander. The palate balances fruit and savory combining baking spices and black cherry with a little sous bois. The result is a very clean, very pure expression of Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir.

2009 Rivers-Marie Silver Eagle Vineyard Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 早くも売り切れ
86 cases, 14.2% alc., 50% new oak

We mentioned our excitement about this vineyard in last year’s newsletter and now all 4 barrels are in bottle. We have also managed to make a wine with reduction for the first time ever. The wine was pretty open knit pre-bottling, but given the wine’s extract and a healthy dose of sulfur, it has been locked down ever since. The last bottle we opened we decanted, returned to bottle, left on the kitchen counter and drank 24 hours later. It finally had a lot to say. True garnet in color, it has the darkest, most brooding nose of the bunch. The palate ranges from high-toned early to sappy in the middle with a weight that belies the youth of the vineyard. It’s more of a purple fruited wine with notes of plums, currants, barrel spice and white flowers. This will be one to keep your hands off of for a few years to allow the reduction and baby fat to subside.

2009 Rivers-Marie Occidental Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
133 cases, 13.5% alc., 33% new oak

This is unlike anything we’ve ever made before and what leads us to state that individually, the 2009s are as different from each other as we’ve ever seen. One of the features of 2009 that contributed to such a small crop was a phenomenon people call chicks and hens or peas and pumpkins; clusters full of alternating sized berries. The peas at Occidental Ridge were exceptionally small in '09, some comprised of only skin and seed. Twenty-four hours after de-stemming the fruit into tank, the juice was already dark purple. In the glass I’d call it electric purple due to the high acidity we see from the vineyard every year. The common thread that links this vintage to the four previous bottlings is there, but everything is amplified in 2009. It is once again a pure purple fruited wine with an aromatic and palate profile of cut hay, plum, menthol, and pennyroyal, a mint we found growing wild in the vineyard. We have slowly eased off the new oak each year and this edition wears its wood treatment better than any previous vintage.

2009 Rivers-Marie Summa Old Vines Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
106 cases, 13.2% alc., 80% new oak

We’ve run out of original things to say about this wine. Every year we try to figure out where the current bottling ranks among previous editions and this year I’m at a loss. I finally have to admit I simply love this vineyard and the wine it produces and leave it at that. There’s really nothing we’ve come across that tastes like it. The 2009 does a nice job once again of balancing its fruit and savory components. The high-toned red fruit/orange peel quality is there to give the wine its aromatics balanced nicely on the palate by cut hay, black tea, pine needles and a sous bois element that manages to be sweetly savory. The wine is packed with dry extract and remarkably weighty for 13.2% alcohol. It is pretty awe inspiring to drink this wine knowing that this great site will always be a part of Rivers-Marie.

2009 Rivers-Marie B. Thieriot Vineyard Chardonnay Sonoma Coast
116 cases, 13.9% alc., 60% new oak

Some day we will make more of this. Once again we’ve bottled 5 barrels of Chardonnay and given the following, we expect it to go quickly. Like the 2007 and 2008, it’s the cut in this wine that we like the most. There’s plenty of richness to go around but the acid spine is what sets the wine apart from most other California Chardonnays. The notes across the three vintages are similar: lanolin, lemon meringue, lime blossom, hazelnuts and a hint of white chocolate on the finish. This might be the most accessible of the three vintages given our gradual reduction in the percentage of new oak. Regardless we like the precision the acid lends to the wine now knowing it will only improve and broaden over time.


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