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2月にサンフランシスコで開催されたジンファンデルの祭典ZAPでEd KurtmanさんがThe Industrialと名付けた新しいプロジェクトのワインを出展していたのは既報ですが、このプロジェクトにはまだ続きがあったようです。
今回届いたメールにはカベルネのThe Treat、ジンファンデルのThe Industrial、デザートシャルドネのThe Centralの名前が。
August Westを訪問したことがある私には、The Industrialが通りの名前だと判りましたが、他の二つもそれぞれのワイナリがある通りの名前を使っているのですね。ワインもまた興味を引かれます。カベルネの葡萄畑、どこなんでしょう?

Dear August West Customers,

We want you to be the first to know about our newest project―a joint venture between August West winemaker and partner Ed Kurtzman, Pali Wine Co. founder Tim Perr, and A.P. Vin owner and winemaker Andrew Vingiello― and to have the first opportunity to sign up for its new mailing list.

The Treat, The Industrial and The Central were born of a joint desire among three wine producers and friends to take one wine each to the extreme: dreamlike vineyard sourcing, fine art winemaking, and nano-sized production levels for the sake of pure enjoyment, no fancy strings attached. Ed Kurtzman and his friends Andrew Vingiello (A.P. Vin) and Tim Perr (Pali Wine Co.) have been nurturing this project in secret anticipation of wowing one another―and you too, perhaps―with a truly special wine. Now we plan to release the first vintages of “The Treat,” a Cabernet Sauvignon, “The Industrial,” a Zinfandel, and “The Central,” a dessert Chardonnay, to a small selection of wine lovers in the coming months. Each wine in this little trilogy is named for the respective streets that run past each of the partner’s wineries―an imprint of origin, so to speak.

The first wine out of the chute is “The Treat,” made by Andrew Vingiello at his winery on Treat Avenue in San Francisco. While we can’t share the exact name of the vineyard where we sourced the 100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, we can tell you it’s in a small patch of soil anointed sacred by the terroir gods: a one-acre parcel tucked between vine rows in Rutherford claimed by the likes of Schrader and Bond. The wine underwent a long fermentation and 22 months barrel aging in 100% new French oak. The first thing you'll notice about the 2007 Treat is the gorgeous, dark velvet color. After swirling the glass and smelling the wine, you'll find aromas of blackberries, chocolate, coffee, anise, and toast. The palate is exquisite with tons of berry fruit and a very lush and substantial texture. There are definitely the tannins for extended aging, but the abundance of ripe fruit doesn't allow them to get in the way of immediate enjoyment. We predict a long life for the '07 Treat, but with how well it's drinking right now, no need to wait! The wine is finished in natural cork―a departure from the screw cap closure Andrew typically uses on his AP Vin wines, but an investment in the very long-term aging potential we see in this wine. Release price: $75.00; 150 cases made (plus a small amount of large format bottles). Release date: April 2010.

The Industrial and The Central will be released in October 2010.

We encourage you to sign up soon since the mailing list will be capped at 600 customers due to the very limited production of these wines. We hope you’ll be among the very first to taste this wine and discover The Treat, The Industrial and The Central. Click here to sign up: www.tresvinstore.com/mailinglist

Best regards,

Ed Kurtzman

August West


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